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Virtual Tours & Panoramic Photography

The primary service offered by eyeCon Vista is ViPaCAM (standing for Virtual Panoramic Computer Assisted Marketing). This service is targeted at businesses that are involved in the marketing of property and would benefit from the use of 360 degree panoramic virtual tours. For more information on the services offered by eyeCon Vista click here


Success within the tourism sector is very much dependent on the perception of visitors. Creating a virtual tour of a hotel or museum so that prospective customers can experience the environment will assist greatly in marketing at a very early stage - hopefully convincing them to visit / buy.

A virtual tour of a hotel / guest house can help promote the style, quality of the business allowing prospective customers to see the standard of accommodation. This is obviously a more powerful means of 'selling' a venue than just text and static images.

Businesses which should definitely consider the creation of a virtual tour include:

  • Hotels, country lodges, conference facilities.
  • Guest Houses and B&B's
  • Self-Catering Accommodation
  • Hostels and camping / caravan sites
  • Tourist attractions including museums, distillery's, scenery
  • Retail shops especially art and crafts

Property and Real Estate

The commercialisation of panoramic virtual tours started with the promotion of real estate and rental properties. The technology is extremely powerful in promoting property whether you are an estate agent, landlord or simply want to use a virtual tour to sell / rent a property privately. We are constantly forging alliances with estate agents / property agents to assist in marketing.

  • Sales of domestic and commercial property.
  • Domestic and commercial property rental / lease
  • Sale / lease of cars, boats, caravans etc

Building and Architecture

Virtual tours can also provide an effective means of promoting the work of architects and builders. A virtual tour can also act as a permanent record of the building process by capturing images at different build stages.

Services Available

Several types of virtual tours are available ranging from one simple panoramic scene suitable for marketing a small B&B or shop to the premium product offered by eyeCon Vista Ltd comprising an entire “Virtual Package Tour” of a location.

A typical Virtual Package Tour is likely to consist of several 360 degree panoramic scenes linked to each other or to a map / floor plan to allow the viewer to explore a location or venue. The scenes may also contain additional high resolution images to further promote selling points such as views and features. Other techniques which enhance the Virtual TOur Package include the integration of sound, maps, diagrams, direction pointers, text pop-up's, integrated movies or even superimposed object movies. For more information on the range of additional options please see our examples page.

One of the major advantages of the eyeCon Vista Ltd virtual marketing service is the flexibility available to the customer. The customer is be able to choose several parameters including:

  • level of interactivity
  • number of panoramic scenes
  • how much additional information
  • links to additional resources.

The price of this service is dependent on several factors including number of panoramic scenes, interactivity, number of links and inclusion of additional information such as floor plans and maps. Please contact us to discuss options for an exact quote. To get a feel on price a standard 3 scene panoramic tour which might comprise a 360 degree panoramic scene of a lounge, a bedroom and the outside would be £150