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Object Movies for Marketing

Three hundred and sixty degree images of objects provides a powerful means of marketing and when linked to a retail web package can really help increase sales. By imaging an object at different angles an object movie can be created which allows the viewer to explore the object, turning, rotating and zooming in virtual space. Combine this with links to a panoramic virtual tour and one can create a virtual shop.



eyeCon Vista has designed a highly portable object movie rig to allow images of smaller items to be acquired at the clients premises. We have also developed software to enable the creation of object movies to be completed quickly and at a reasonable price. For larger objects most of the imaging is undertaken at the premises of eyeCon Vista.


The creation of object movies and subsequent display via the internet, like the virtual tours, can be via Java or Quick time. Such a combination is likely to ensure in excess of 90% of internet users will be able to see the results

To get a feel for how effective an object movie can be visit our examples page.